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Official and Legal Notices

Official and Legal Notices

Administration Building - 411 Elm Street, 1st Floor, Dallas, TX 75202
Phone: (214) 653-7886
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday (except for Court Approved Holidays)

**NOTICE: Daily cutoff time to post notices is 3:00 PM every day, except for Holidays.  In anticipation of a Holiday the cutoff will be 12 noon on the day preceding the Holiday **

Postings received after the cutoff time will be posted the next business day. Thank you!

Organization/SubmitterPosting DateMeeting Date
Dallas County Special Called Meeting Legal Notice08/22/201908/26/2019
Public Notice of the Sheriff's Department Civil Service Meeting Agenda08/13/201908/22/2019
Dallas County IT Executive Governance Committee06/08/2017Second Tuesday of Each Month
Notice of Public Meetings of the Appraisal Review Board04/09/201904/16/2019 through 08/31/2019
Notice of Requirement for Participation In The Northern Blacklands Zone Boll Weevil Eradication Program12/18/201801/02/2020
Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas Board of Directors Meeting Agenda08/09/201908/21/2019
Metrocare Services Intellectual & Developmental Disability Planning Network Advisory Committee Meting Agenda08/13/201908/20/2019
Appraisal Review Board of Dallas County Public Meeting Notice08/14/201908/22/2019
Dallas County Utility and Reclamation District Notice of Meeting08/15/201908/21/2019
Parkland Budget and Finance Committee Meeting Agenda08/16/201908/22/2019
North Central Texas Council of Governments Executive Board Agenda08/16/201908/22/2019
North Central Texas Council of Governments Foundation Inc. Board Meeting08/16/201908/22/2019
Notice of Application for General Permit to Remove or Disturb Sedimentary Material08/16/201910/08/2019
Notice of Meeting Grand Prairie Metropolitan Utility and Reclamation District08/16/201908/21/2019
Dynamic Environmental Associates, INC.- Salvation Army08/16/201909/06/2019
Metrocare Services Mental Health Advisory Committee (MHAC)08/19/201908/26/2019
Metrocare Services Regular Board Meeting08/19/201908/29/2019
Dart- Administrative Committee Meeting Agenda08/19/201908/23/2019
Dynamic Environmental Associates, INC.- Mesquite08/19/201909/18/2019
Public Notice of Meeting Allocation Committee Meeting of the Ryan White Planning Council of the Dallas Area08/21/201908/26/2019
Public Notice of Meeting Ryan White Planning Council of the Dallas Area     EvaluationCommitteeMeeting08/21/201908/27/2019
Dallas County Juvenile Board Meeting Agenda08/21/201908/26/2019
Notice of Annual Board Meeting of Pebbles PSH, Inc.08/21/201908/27/2019
Dallas County Appraisal District Notice Meeting08/22/201909/04/2019
D Bar B Waste Water Supply - Notice of Meeting08/22/201908/27/2019
Dallas County Facilities Management Meeting Notice08/23/201908/27/2019