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Administrative Plan

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Dallas County Administrative Plan, 2017-2021

In 2016, Dallas County adopted an Administrative Plan to help govern its decision-making over the next five years. Designed to help the County know what it wants to be and how it can achieve this goal, the Plan is relatively simple and straightforward. It identifies five major “visions” for the County and requires that all proposed programs, projects, policies, and decisions be consistent with at least one of these visions.

Dallas County Visions
Dallas County is operationally a model governmental entity.
Dallas County is a healthy community.
Dallas County is a proactive regional partner.
Dallas County is safe, secure, and prepared.
Dallas County is the destination of choice for businesses and residents.

The Plan is now heading into its second year of operation. A key component of the Plan is the realization that the world is not static and that new issues and opportunities will arise. Recognizing this, the County recently amended the Plan to include the following activities:

  • Continue to improve employee compensation.
  • Continue to improve the appearance of County facilities.
  • Implement new small business enterprise program.
  • Update and maintain existing on-line policies.
  • Continue creating oral history program.
  • Continue to implement unincorporated area strategy.
  • Define proposed role of Dallas Area Partnership and develop policy on what County’s role in the provision of housing for the homeless should be.
  • Develop strategy for utilization of Old Red and the Administration Building.
  • Develop new Commissioners Court agenda system.
  • Develop strategy for implementing ten-year capital plan.

These activities will produce benefits throughout the County organization and will help the County accomplish its stated visions.

Additional information about the Plan, how it has been implemented, and its second year amendments is available below.

April 2018 Status ReportAdobe Acrobat Required
October 2017 Status ReportAdobe Acrobat Required
Second-Year Amendments to 2017 - 2021 Dallas County Administrative PlanAdobe Acrobat Required
Court Order 2016-0758 - Adoption of 2017-2021 Administrative PlanAdobe Acrobat Required
July 2017 Status ReportAdobe Acrobat Required
April 2017 Status ReportAdobe Acrobat Required
January 2017 Status ReportAdobe Acrobat Required
October 2016 Status ReportAdobe Acrobat Required